At The Docks, Shoreleave

Welcome to the 'PASTORS'SHIP HOMEPORT'. We are in port at this time to re-provision and retraining for future missions.

The 'PASTORS'SHIP' is a time traveling research vessel. It sails to foreign places and different times to investigate and research Biblical History of Humanity with the help of Archeological Discoveries.

There is a DONATIONS PAGE on MENU that sends you to my GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN.

Then, next on MENU, you will find the MISSIONS PAGE. This will discuss and identify our MISSIONS.



First Mate Hayes

Hello, I am Dwight, First Mate and Researcher Writer/Author on the 'PASTORS'SHIP'.

I am also a Minimalist Survivor by lifestyle and Mission.

Making a transition from building and mantaining window cleaining routes. Because many of my client pproperties went bankrupt in recession, looting and  pandemic period. Supplementing my income by delivery driving part time, for Doordash Grubhub and Instacart during pandemic. 

I am now retired from my previous jobs and I draw Social Security retirement and SSI because so far I havent fully recovered from back and hip injuries leaving me with degenerative disk disease in my back and the osteoarthoritus that goes along with my age of 66.

I am presently studying to be a Creative Digital Nomad. And finding my niche in the online industry.

I will also finish my ebooks and publish them on Kindle.

Below is my full profile: I grew up in Bible Belt with six years Bible reading 5 days a week, 9 years of Sunday School 3 days/nights/week, and same with Church sermons. I am certified Protestant Minister.

SEE: Bottom of Page.

About Me


Commercial / Residential Window Cleaner


Real Estate Maintenance;

Clean windows with brush or wand & squeegie tool techniques.

Expert with extension poles upto 3 floors.

Certified on Swing stage, sky­-genie, man lift (cherry picker cert.), basket, block & tackle & boson chair & crane rigger/operator & forklift (stand­-up-reach and sit down models cert.) operator / order picker (warehouse).

Music and Motion Picture Industry;

Duplication Technician/operation of high speed Electro­-Sound 2000 / mass production recording equipment & quality control in recording lab.

Legal Document Courier for Motion Picture and Music Industry.


Deck Hand 1yr. & assistant marine engineer 1yr. & Captain/Masters Mate 2yrs./65ft. Tugboat motor­ vessel in Gulf of Mexico.

NOTERescued 100s of oil company laborers from hurricanes in the Gulf each year. Never even one death on my 4 year watch. U.S. Coastguard Leutinant reccomends me for civilian medal of honor. No one to this day has matched my record in Gulf of Mexico.

Oil casing pipe inspection for defects in steel with ultrasonics, electro­-magnetics & powders, depth­ guages, etc.

Part­-time oil refinery and chemical plant turnarounds.


THE WIN­DO­-PRO, Self­-employed Part Time & Full Time 1515 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA. 90401  1987­-Present.

EASTRIDGE TEMPS­­­ 4310 Lossee Rd. Las Vegas, NV./Office­ Max Warehouse/Las Vegas, NV. Cert. Forklift Operator  05/2000­-12/2000.

PT’S PUBS LLC.­­­ Henderson, NV., Various PT’s Pub Casinoes/One Man Kitchens Order Taker/Cook/Server  02/2000­-04/2000.

PRIMMADONNA RESORT CASINOE­­­31900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Primm Valley / State line, NV. Dishwasher ­ Line Cook  1/2000­-02/2000.

THE WIN­DO­-PRO/ Self­-employed­­­ 2802 Ocean Park Ave., Santa Monica, CA. Full Time / Service Route  09/1997­-01/2000.

SUNRISE WINDOW CLEANERS­­­ Burbank/North Hollywood High­ Rise Window Cleaner/Part time Service Route  04/1998­-10/1998.

LABOR READY TEMPS.­­­ Washington Blvd. LA. CA. /Vi­fx & Video Images Studio, Marina Del Rey, CA. Cert. Man­lift/ Cherry­ Picker operator.  09/1997­-199

MAGNUM COURIER SERVICE­­­ Lankershiem Blvd. North Hollywood, Motorcycle Legal Document Courier/Motion Picture, Music Industry. 1994­-9/1994.

RAINBOW RECORDS­­­ Berkeley Street, Santa Monica, CA. Duplication Lab Technician.  1991­-199

WINDOW MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS­­­ Canta Mar Condominiums # 362, Corpus Christi, Texas Business Partner (Raymond Martin) & Self­-employed/Part-Time Service Route.  1988­-1991.

THE WIN­DO­-PRO/Self­-employed­­­ Corpus Christi, Texas Part-Time/Service Route.  11/1986-1991.

ABC WINDOW CLEANERS­ Frank Wright­­­ Corpus Christi, Texas High­-Rise Window Cleaner.  1982­-1986.

PEAKLOAD TEMPS/John Madden Temporary industrial labor/Refinery turnarounds/Part­-time.  1982­-1991.

J. RAY McDermott FABRICATION YARD­­­ Harvey, Louisiana. Rigger/Welder & Fitters assistant.  06­-07/1982.

SOVIET UNION BULK COMMODITIES SHIPPING LINES, Onboard Soviet Freighters to convert them for loading different return cargos. Mississippi River Bulk Commodities Freight Wharf New Orleans, Louisiana.  10/1978­-01/1979.

SHOEST MARINE SERVICES­­­ Harvey, Louisiana Deck Hand to Engineer to Captain in 4 Years.  05/1978­-05/1982.

(Survived 4 years (1978-1982), working for oil and gas industry in Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean on 65' Tugboat rescuing oil laborers in hurricanes with perfect record of no lives lost or serious injuries for the whole 4 years. No one before or after me ever accomplished that record. We had 18 hurricanes in row one year. I was recommended for Civilian Metal of Honor by US Coast Guard Lt.).

TILDEN ELLIOT WELDING CONTRACTORS/Offshore Chevron Contract­­­ Industrial Canal Road Harvey, Louisiana, Assigned location: Ship­-Shoal 94/Chevron Platform/Gulf of Mexico, USA.

Welders Assistant for (4­)1Week Offshore and 1 Week Onshore Shifts.  03/1978­-05/1978.

AMF TUBESCOPE­­­ Oil Pipe Inspection Services. Tubing Inspector. Harvey, Louisiana. 

PA INCORPORATED/Casing Inspector. Canal Road Harvey, Louisiana. Lead Inspector/Supervised 8 Man Casing Crew/Traveled U.S. with Mobile X­-Ray Unit. 01/1977­-03/1978.

ATCHAFFALAYA TEMP LABOR SERVICES­­­ 4th Street, Marrerro, Louisiana.

Rigger/Oilfield Construction/Oil Pipe Inspection Assistant.  01/1977­-04/1977.

REBEL CRANE/Rigger, Gretna and Harvey, Louisiana.   11/1976­-01/1977.

DELTA PLASTIC MOLDERS­­­ Talladega, Alabama. Floor hand/sit­down forklift operator.  05­/11/1976.

COOK’S MAINTENANCE COMPANY Yuma AZ. Marine Corp. Air Base­­­ Yuma, Arizona. Facility/Building Maintenance. 1975­-04/1976.


Sign Manufacturing Technician/Electrical Wiring/Sheet Metal Fabrication/Crane Operator/Truck Driver/Trainee.  1973­-1975.


SANTA MONICA COLLEGE Photography/Math 1993­-1994.


English Major/Business English/Computer Aided Office Technology, 2011­-2012.

WEST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE English Major/Creative Writing 2012­-present.

With 60+ Credits.

At present I am taking IT courses online at:

Real Inspiration

Real Inspiration


There are a couple of inspirations to guide my writing ideas.

1. Being a book I once read titled: AUTHORSHIP by Doran William Cannon.

2. I attended an interview with Kurt Vonnegut and he advised me to start with writing what I know or about something which I have experience and knowledge of.

My Mother's Wish, For Me To Be A Baptist Minister. "Dear Mom, my inspiration, this is for you.

I grew up in the Bible Belt of America and was taught by the best Protestant Sunday School and Bible School teachers in the world. We Protestant Christians start our children's Bible education when they are just toddlers and they may attend Sunday School for a lifetime. There are Bible classes for all ages. I grew up attending for half my lifetime.

My Minister Certification

My Minister Certification

Dwight Hayes
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